Why You Should Consider Indoor Storage

storage space

Our last article discussed some advantages of climate-controlled storage space. This article will cover more reasons why you should consider indoor storage when exploring storage rental options.

Enhanced security

Outdoor storage space is more susceptible to break-in’s than indoor storage facilities. Storage rental at Climate Masters not only includes air-controlled storage, but high-tech security as well. Access to the buildings that house our storage space is controlled so you can rest easy knowing your items are safe and secure!

Better air quality

Our air-controlled storage rental space has better air quality than outdoor storage space because of the way in which our climate controlled self-storage units are sealed.

Less dust, debris, mold and pests

Indoor storage units have much less dust, debris, mold and pests than outdoor storage facilities. Our buildings are sealed and insulated to help keep dust, debris and bugs at bay.  Climate control also helps with mold prevention.

While storage rates for indoor storage are slightly more, most people find it is well worth the investment.  If you are researching storage rental options, we invite you to come by and take a tour of our climate-controlled storage facilities. If you need boat or car storage, we’ve got you covered. You will be impressed with your auto storage and RV storage options available at our Hanahan and Summerville locations. Give us a call today!