Indoor Self Storage

✅  Climate Controlled
✅  High Tech Security
✅  Indoor Self Storage

Indoor Storage Units

✅ Wide Halls
✅ High Ceilings for Stacking
✅ Use Your Own Lock

Indoor Storage Units

✅ Residential & Business
✅ Locally Owned & Operated
✅ Loading Docks

Hanahan | Climate Masters Indoor Storage

5806 Campbell Street | Hanahan, SC 29410

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 to 5:00
Warehouse Hours: 24/7

Phone: 843-744-1096

Fax: 843-744-0321

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is a climate controlled indoor storage facility located in Hanahan, SC which serves the Hanahan and the Greater Charleston area. We cater to business and residential storage needs in our 66,000 sq. ft. building.  We are locally owned and pride ourselves on providing the cleanest, best valued units around.  Should you have storage needs now or in the future, please visit our facility and allow us to show you why our facilities stand apart from the rest.

  • Climate Controlled

    Our storage units are indoors in a climate controlled environment, perfect for antiques, furniture, electronic equipment, paper and data files, as well as many other items that need protection from the elements.

    • Fire suppression system
    • 24/7 monitored fire alarm
  • State-of-the-art Security

    We have a state-of-the-art security system with security cameras and keypad entry into the building. You supply your own key or combination lock for your unit, which insures that only you have access to it.

    • On site management/owner
    • Surveillance cameras
    • Use your own lock
    • Located 2 doors down from police and fire department
    • 24/7 computerized access control system for building entry
  • The Best Value

    Our prices are competitive with non-climate controlled space and we have multiple sizes to choose from, with 11-16′ ceilings.

    • 3 loading docks
    • Receiving capabilities from all major transit / delivery services to include forklift and pallet jack service
    • Large elevator and conveyor belt for 2nd floor access
    • Larger sizes available
    • High ceilings for stacking
    • Wide halls
    • Many carts and hand trucks for on site use
    • Moving supplies

Map & Directions

Pricing & Availability at Hanahan Location

This chart shows pricing on the units we currently have available at this location.

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