Maximizing Space in Your Storage Unit

self-storage units

Climate Masters is the Lowcountry’s preferred provider of climate controlled self-storage units, boat storage, auto storage and RV storage. Our customers trust us because we not only provide fair storage rates, but our facilities feature high tech security to ensure the contents of our self-storage units are safe.

Storage rates vary by size of the unit.  One way to save money is to organize your storage space for maximum use.  This article is the first of a two part series on how you can maximize and organize space in your storage unit.

When packing boxes, try to use uniform sizes

Boxes that are uniform in size stack more efficiently and evenly than boxes of many different shapes and sizes.  Even stacks save space and are easier to access.  Climate Masters offers uniform size boxes to help make your packing more productive and organized.

Plan your layout

Planning your layout can help alleviate the need for a larger storage space. We can give you exact dimensions of the climate controlled storage units you are considering to help you determine the right size to fit your needs.

Anticipate Future Needs

Try to think about your future storage space needs.  If the layout you’ve planned is tight, then you may want to consider the next size up if you plan to add more items in the future.  However, if the storage space is only temporary, a smaller unit may suffice.

Our next article will discuss ways you can better organize your storage space.  When it comes to self-storage units, Climate Masters has you covered!  In addition to climate controlled self-storage units, we also offer auto storage, including car storage, RV storage and boat storage at our Summerville and Hanahan locations.