Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage Space

storage space

There are many storage rental facilities throughout the Lowcountry.  When it comes to finding a safe storage space for items you need to store, climate is a big consideration.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers excellent storage rates on climate-controlled storage space.  We have 34,000 sq. ft. of air-controlled storage in Daniel Island, 36,000 sq. ft of storage rental space in Summerville and 66,000 sq. ft. of storage rental space in Hanahan.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of a climate-controlled storage space:

Protects contents from extreme temperatures

We live in an area that is humid and hot a good part of the year.  Think about the items you store in your garage vs. those you keep inside.  A climate-controlled storage space helps protect items from cracking, warping, yellowing and other damage.  Summer is extremely hot, while temperatures in the winter get considerably cool. Drastic changes in temperature can be detrimental to contents stored in outdoor storage units.

Move contents in comfort

When you pay for storage rental, the ability to access the unit and move items in comfort is important.  You will be especially happy you chose an air-controlled storage facility when the heat index is above 90 degrees, or when the afternoon thunderstorms hit!

Protection from the elements

Outdoor storage space is especially susceptible to flooding and leaks.  There is also an increased chance of mold and mildew.

When considering storage rental space, air-controlled storage has a significant advantage over outdoor storage units.  Storage rates for air-controlled storage vary by size of the unit. We will discuss more advantages of climate-controlled storage space in our next article.

We invite you to come to one of our locations to discuss your needs and to take a tour of our indoor storage facilities. Need boat or car storage?  No problem. We also offer boat storage, RV storage and auto storage in our Summerville and Hanahan locations. Give Climate Masters Indoor Storage a call today!