Why Should I Consider Vehicle Storage at a Secured Facility?

auto storage, RV storage

Depending on where you live, auto storage, RV storage and boat storage may be a challenge.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage is proud to offer vehicle storage at our Summerville and Hanahan locations. Let’s take a look at some of the primary reasons why people rent storage for various types of vehicles:

Avoid HOA Issues

Many homeowners associations limit the number and/or types of vehicles you can store on your property.  We serve many customers whose homeowners association does not allow or provide for boat or RV storage.  Additionally, many homeowners associations frown upon storing too many vehicles on the property. That classic car you’ve been restoring may not fit in your driveway, but we have plenty of auto storage / car storage to accommodate your needs!

Saves Space

Renting vehicle storage for your RV, boat or cars that you do not use on a regular basis can save you a significant amount of space.  Even when an HOA does not have rules about vehicles, many people prefer to rent storage vs. having an RV, boat or extra vehicle take up space in their garage, driveway or yard.

Added Security

Our vehicle storage areas are behind a locked gate at Summerville and our entire property has security cameras.

Our vehicle storage options are ideal for both residential and commercial use.  We have many clients who find our RV storage and auto storage/ car storage options advantageous for personal use.  We also have many commercial clients who prefer to rent storage for their trucks, trailers and other related business items.  Whatever your vehicle storage needs are, we can help.  Give us a call to learn more today!