Advantages of Vehicle Storage at a Secured Facility

RV storage / vehicle storage

We are continuing our series on the advantages of vehicle storage at a secured facility.  If you need to rent storage for a car, truck, trailer, RV, boat, jet ski or some other type of powered vehicle, Climate Masters has you covered.  Our previous article discussed how vehicle storage at a secured facility can help avoid HOA issues, save space on your property and offer added security.  Below are three more reasons to consider vehicle storage at Climate Masters.


The RV storage / vehicle storage options at Climate Masters are extremely convenient and easy to navigate.  The extra-long spaces make it easy to back in a boat, RV or trailer. When your boat, trailer or RV storage is at your home, space can sometimes make these items difficult to access and/or navigate, especially if other vehicles or stored items are blocking them.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Large vehicles can wreak havoc on roads and driveways.  RV storage is often the preferred choice for people who want to avoid the costly problems associated with the wear and tear larger vehicles can cause.  A motorhome can weigh upwards of 30,000 pounds.  When you rent vehicle storage, the facility takes on the wear and tear.

Overall Safety

Many people choose vehicle storage in a secured space to avoid safety issues on their property. Let’s face it, boats, trailers and RVs sitting on your property are magnets for neighborhood children who may want to climb around and “explore”.

Whether you need RV storage, auto storage or some other type of vehicle storage we can help.  Our convenient facilities in Hanahan and Summerville have spaces to accommodate all types of vehicles, from car storage to RV storage and even monster trucks! Give us a call or stop by for a tour today.