Why Should I Consider Climate Controlled Storage?

climate controlled storage units

Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers residential and commercial climate controlled storage units with three Lowcountry locations including Summerville, Daniel Island and Hanahan.  Whether you need to rent storage for a month or indefinitely, our secure climate controlled storage rental and vehicle storage options can accommodate your needs.  Best of all, we have competitive storage rates and have served thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

We are often asked about why someone should consider climate controlled storage over conventional storage units. While storage rental in a conventional, outdoor storage building is often less expensive, it does come with significant downfalls.  Climate controlled storage is recommended for individuals who wish to better safeguard and protect their belongings.

Humidity and the elements wreak havoc on contents stored in conventional outdoor storage units.  People who do not choose storage rental at a climate controlled storage facility are often faced with damages and/or loss due to humidity and the elements, especially in states such as South Carolina where heat and humidity are the norm.

What types of items should always be placed in climate controlled storage?  The answer is anything that is of value and could be damaged if subject to heat and/or humidity.  Some items include photos/photo albums, antiques, electronics, documents, books/yearbooks, collectibles, candles, wine/beer/soda collections and computers, just to name a few!

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is the Lowcountry’s choice for climate controlled storage units and vehicle storage, including RV storage.  If you are considering storage rental options, we invite you to stop by and see our clean and secure climate controlled storage units and the various options to consider. Give us a call today!