Should I Use Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Storage Bins?

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We are continuing our series on the differences between carboard and plastic storage bins. Our previous article discussed some of the benefits of cardboard storage boxes.  This article will cover using plastic bins for moving and/or public storage.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of using plastic storage bins:


Plastic bins are often quite durable and less prone to damage than cardboard boxes. If something falls on them or bumps against them as they are being transported, they will better protect the contents inside.

Easily Stackable

Plastic storage bins are easy to stack, which can be very beneficial in a storage rental space. Using clear plastic bins will make it easier to see the contents, which is especially helpful when unpacking after a move or when trying to locate an item in your air controlled storage space.

Water Resistant

If the container comes into contact with a liquid, the contents are better protected in a plastic storage bin.  Cardboard soaks in liquid and can expose the contents to spills and moisture.

Able to Be Used Multiple Times

Although plastic storage bins are more expensive, they are able to be used over and over again, which makes them extremely popular for use when moving or placing items in public storage.

As you can see, both cardboard and plastic have their places in the moving and public storage arenas.  Our summary of the benefits of each are designed to help you determine which option you should use during your next move and/or when renting an air controlled storage space.

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