Preparing Items for Storage

climate-controlled storage

Part One

You’ve identified items you wish to keep in climate-controlled storage.  Now, you need to make sure they are protected both during transit and while they are housed in your storage space.  The climate controlled self-storage units at Climate Masters are spacious and maintained in excellent condition.  However, failure to prepare your items before they are placed in a storage space can result in damage. Protecting the integrity of your contents starts with ensuring they are properly prepared for storage.

Ensure Items Are Clean and Dry Before Packing

If you want to get the most out of your storage space, ensure the items you are preparing to store are clean and dry before packing them.  Remove dust and residue and make sure there is no water or moisture on the items as you pack.  Use quality boxes and packing material.  Always pack boxes full and make sure they are tightly sealed.

Use Small but Sturdy Boxes for Books

Small, sturdy boxes are always the best option when storing books in self-storage units.  Small boxes are easier to move and the sturdier the better due to the weight.  Climate Masters sells boxes specifically designed to store books.

Cover Furniture with Sheets or Protective Wrap

If you want to protect your investment, it is advisable to clean and cover your furniture with sheets, blankets or protective wrap.  Awkwardly shaped furniture is often difficult to maneuver, so protecting it will minimize damage should it rub up against a wall or get dropped in transit.  Keeping it covered while in the storage space will also help protect it from dust and debris.

Place Mattresses in a Storage Bag

Before moving a mattress to a storage space, first inspect its condition.  If you notice damage or bugs, consider disposing of it.  Self-storage units are excellent options to store mattresses in good condition.  It is advisable to place the mattress in a storage bag to protect it from damage during transit and also keep it free from dirt, dust, pests and moisture.

We offer storage solutions for both business and residential customers.  Need auto storage?  Climate Masters also has excellence storage rates for car storage, boat storage and RV storage at our Summerville and Hanahan locations.  Want to learn more about our storage space options and storage rates?  Give us a call today!