How to Prepare Items for Storage

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Part Two

We are continuing our series on how to prepare items for storage.   Climate Masters offers competitive storage rates on climate-controlled storage space for both personal and business use.  We also offer auto storage, including car storage and RV storage, as well as boat storage.

Preparation is key to protecting the integrity of contents stored in self-storage units. Let’s look at a few more ways you can protect the items you are planning to place in your climate-controlled storage space.

Empty Appliances

Make sure all appliances are empty and clean.  This includes refrigerators, microwave ovens, toasters, coffee makers, washers and dryers, etc.  Check attached hoses and areas where water may be hiding to be sure the appliance is completely drained before moving it to your storage space.  Once in your storage space, consider leaving the doors to any appliances open slightly for ventilation purposes.

Pack Electronics So They Are Free from Dust

When possible, pack electronics in their original package.  If the original packaging is not available, then clean each device and place in a sturdy moving box. Stuff the moving box with crumpled paper, peanuts or other packing material and seal tightly.  Now, your electronics are ready to place in your climate-controlled storage space!

Hang Clothes in a Wardrobe Box

Hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes will help protect the integrity of the garments and keep them free from wrinkles. This is especially important if you plant to store vintage or family heirloom clothing in your storage space.

Individually Wrap Fragile Items

All fragile items should be individually wrapped and securely placed in sturdy boxes marked “fragile”.  Self-storage units often contain a lot of items, so it is important to make sure fragile items are securely packed.

If you are shopping storage rates for self-storage units, look no further. Climate Masters has affordable and secure climate-controlled storage space ready for you at our Hanahan, Daniel Island and Summerville locations.  And, don’t forget about auto storage. Our Summerville and Hanahan locations have plenty of car storage, RV storage and boat storage. Give us a call today.