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Mistakes to Avoid When You Rent Storage

Rent Storage

We are continuing our series of articles on mistakes to avoid when you rent storage. Our previous article discussed the importance of securing a climate controlled storage space vs. considering outdoor storage facilities.  We also covered why it is necessary to select the proper size unit beforehand.  Let’s look at a few more pitfalls to avoid.

Failing to Label Boxes

When you place your belongings into your climate controlled storage space it may seem like you will be able to easily remember what is in all of the boxes. However, as time passes, you would be surprised at how easy it is to forget. When you pack your indoor storage space, be sure to clearly label boxes with the contents and make sure the boxes are stacked so you can easily see the labels. You will thank yourself for doing this when it comes time for you to find something months down the road!

Not Getting Rid of Items You No Longer Need

When you have a climate controlled storage space, it’s easy to place items you no longer need into your indoor storage unit vs. getting rid of them. Don’t rent storage for items you no longer use or care about. Use your climate controlled storage space for the items that do matter such as antiques, heirlooms, collectibles, furniture, etc.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage has affordable storage rates at our conveniently located storage facilities in Daniel Island, Summerville, and Hanahan. We also have auto storage/RV storage/vehicle storage available at our Summerville and Hanahan locations. Before you rent storage elsewhere, we invite you to check us out. Give us a call or stop by to see us today!