Rent Storage Space

Common Mistakes People Make When They Rent Storage Space

Rent Storage Space

If you plan to rent storage now or in the future, there are some tips to keep in mind to help ensure you get the most out of your storage space.  Our next series of articles will cover some common mistakes people make when they rent storage. Let’s take a look:

Not Getting a Climate Controlled Storage Space

When you rent storage, you should definitely consider an indoor storage space. Temperatures in an outside storage space can reach above 100 degrees in the summer and drop to near freezing in the winter.  The humidity in South Carolina is also a factor.  Extremes in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on furniture, photos, electronics, boxes, and other items you may keep in storage. While storage rates for a climate controlled storage space are higher, it is well worth the investment to preserve the integrity of your belongings. 

Selecting the Wrong Size Unit

It is important to know exactly what you plan to keep in your storage space and then determine the proper size unit for your needs.  Storage facilities have units of varying sizes.  If you choose a storage space that is too large, you are wasting money paying for space you won’t use.  If your indoor storage space is too small, you will likely need to spend time moving your belongings to a larger unit. Climate Masters Indoor Storage has a convenient storage estimator to help you determine the right size storage space to fit your needs.

Our next article will discuss more mistakes to avoid when you rent storage space.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage offer secure, clean, safe, climate controlled storage facilities throughout the Lowcountry. Our Summerville, Daniel Island, and Hanahan locations offer competitive and affordable storage rates.  If you need auto storage/RV storage, be sure to check out our extra-long vehicle storage spaces at our Summerville and Hanahan storage facilities.  We invite you to stop by or give us a call today!