How Do I Remember What is in My Indoor Storage Space?

How Do I Remember What is in My Indoor Storage Space?

We are continuing our series highlighting different strategies designed to help you remember and easily locate items you have placed in your climate controlled storage space. Our previous article covered the importance of clearly marking your boxes and developing a detailed inventory sheet.  Today, we will look at two more ideas to consider.

Take Photos and Videos

Taking photos and videos of the contents of your indoor storage space is an excellent way to document exactly what you have in storage, how it is packed, and how much space you have left for additional items should you need it down the road. Photos can also be used to accompany items listed on your master inventory sheet. Videos are a great way to quickly locate items housed in your climate controlled storage space.

Create a Visual

Some people like to create a visual such as a map or diagram of what they have in their climate controlled storage space and how it is placed. This helps them quickly locate particular items they need to access. Maps and diagrams are especially beneficial when you have a particularly large indoor storage space with numerous boxes and items that may be perfectly stacked but hidden from plain view.

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