Decluttering Your Indoor Storage Space

Decluttering Your Indoor Storage Space

We are continuing our series of articles offering some tips on how to go about decluttering your climate controlled storage space. Our previous article covered the importance of designating and clearing an open area outside of your storage space to move items for sorting and organizing. We also discussed creating an inventory of everything in your storage unit, or, if you already have an inventory sheet, checking/updating it. Today, we will explore the next steps you may wish to take when decluttering your indoor storage space.

Replace Damaged Boxes

If you notice any of the boxes in your indoor storage space are damaged, weak, or crushed, now is the perfect time to replace them. Sturdy boxes are key to protecting your items.

Make Sure Everything is Clearly Marked

Check to make sure all boxes and items you cannot see are clearly marked so the items you place in your climate controlled storage space are easy to find. You may think you will remember what is in each box, but as time passes, this can be easily forgotten. You also want to make sure that you clearly mark any boxes with fragile items.

Our next article will cover the final steps in the process of decluttering your climate controlled storage space.

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