Is Your Climate Controlled Space Cluttered?

Is Your Climate Controlled Space Cluttered?

We are beginning a new series of articles addressing one of the most common issues that occurs when you rent storage – clutter. Clutter inevitably happens to most of us, even when we have every intention of keeping our indoor storage space tidy and organized. We sometimes hurriedly place new items in our climate controlled storage space, or we break open a box and/or move things around to access something we need. If you have a climate controlled storage space that could use a little organization, then you should find this series of articles to be very helpful.  Let’s get started.

Clear an Open Area

The first step in de-cluttering your climate controlled storage unit is to clear an open area outside of your storage space. You will need enough room to organize and process all of your belongings. Once you have designated an area, you will be ready to start organizing.

Make / Check Your Inventory

Next, begin taking items out of your climate controlled storage space and moving them to the designated open area you just created. As you do this, write down everything you have stored in the unit. You will need this as you begin to organize everything.

Our next article will cover more tips on de-cluttering your climate controlled storage space.

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