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Tools to Help Your Move Go Smooth

climate controlled storage

Whether you are moving to a new home or relocating your business, moving can be very stressful.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage is fully stocked with everything you need to securely pack your belongings to help your move go smooth.  Let’s take a look at some of the essentials:


We sell all types and sizes of boxes, from picture packets and book boxes to mirror boxes and wardrobes.  Our boxes are sturdy and ideal for door-to-door moves and for storing items in storage units.  We also have permanent markers and moving labels to help you keep everything organized.

Packing Supplies

We carry a variety of packing supplies to help secure your belongings including packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing tape and clear stretch wrap. If you are planning to rent storage, our climate controlled storage experts can give you some tips on how to best pack your belongings for either long term or short term storage.

Mattress Bags and Furniture Covers

Keep your mattresses and furniture free from dust, insects and debris with mattress bags and furniture covers.  These should be used when moving items and when storing items in storage units.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is the Lowcountry’s premier provider of storage rental solutions with locations in Daniel Island, Summerville and Hanahan. Our affordable storage rates on climate controlled storage make us the preferred choice for both residential customers and commercial businesses. We also offer secure vehicle storage, including auto storage and RV storage, at our Summerville and Hanahan locations.  Give us a call or stop by to see our storage rental options today!

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Summer Purge

climate controlled storage building

If you feel your home or office is getting cluttered, you are not alone. Now is the perfect time of year to examine and inventory what you have and make some decisions on what to keep and what to toss. When dealing with items that you do not immediately need but still want to keep, storage rental is an option. Climate Masters Indoor Storage has both vehicle storage and climate controlled storage building options to help you free up space at your home or place of business. Let’s take a closer look:

Vehicle Storage
Vehicle storage, including auto storage and RV storage, can help resolve crowded garage issues and problems caused by storing a lot of vehicles on your property. Many people rent storage for extra cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, boats, jet skis, commercial vehicles, etc. We offer excellent storage rates on vehicle storage at our Hanahan and Summerville locations.

Climate Controlled Storage
A climate controlled storage building offers a storage rental option for those who have family heirlooms, furniture, collectibles or other valuable items. Many people rent storage because they do not wish to get rid of these items, yet they do not have room to store them in their home or office space.

Whether you need vehicle storage, RV storage, a small climate controlled storage unit, or a storage building the size of an extra-long one car garage, your friends at Climate Masters can help. Give us a call or stop by our Summerville, Daniel Island or Hanahan locations to learn more.

vehicle storage/RV storage

Storage Rental vs. Owning a Commercial Storage Building

vehicle storage/RV storage

Part Two

We are continuing our series outlining the advantages of storage rental vs. purchasing a commercial storage building. Our previous article covered the security and insurance advantages of storage rental. We also discussed how when you rent storage, utilities are often covered in the storage rates.  Today we will cover three more advantages of storage rental.

Upkeep and Maintenance

When you rent storage, the upkeep and maintenance is the responsibility of the storage provider.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage invests a lot of time, resources and money to ensure our climate controlled storage units and our vehicle storage/RV storage spaces are in optimal condition. When you own a commercial storage building, this added expense and responsibility falls upon you.


When you rent storage, you can easily scale up or down to accommodate your needs.  Perhaps you need additional climate controlled storage or want to add vehicle storage space.  This is easy to accomplish when you rent storage.  However, when you own a storage building, you have what you have.  There is often little or no flexibility or scalability.


Property taxes on a commercial storage building can be expensive, especially in municipalities such as Summerville, Charleston and Daniel Island.  When you rent storage, the property taxes are our responsibility, not yours.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider storage rental vs. purchasing a storage building.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage has excellent storage rates on climate controlled storage units and vehicle storage / RV storage spaces. We invite you to come out and see our Daniel Island, Summerville, or Hanahan locations for yourself.  Stop by or give us a call today!

climate controlled storage units

Advantages of Storage Rental vs. Purchasing a Commercial Storage Building

climate controlled storage units

Part One

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is proud to serve businesses throughout the Lowcountry.  Our customers trust us with their climate controlled storage and vehicle storage needs.  Businesses especially appreciate the fact that we offer added benefits including loading docks, forklifts with certified operators and pallet jacks.  We also receive shipments from all major carriers.

Business owners sometimes wonder whether it is more beneficial to rent storage or purchase a commercial storage building.  Our next series of articles will explore some of  advantages of storage rental.


Storage rental at Climate Masters Indoor Storage includes high tech security and a monitored fire alarm system designed to keep your contents safe.  If you own a storage building, you will need to purchase an alarm system, surveillance cameras, access gate and alarm monitoring services.  This can be quite costly in comparison to what you pay to rent storage.


Insuring a storage building can be quite costly.  While you may wish to purchase optional insurance for your contents when you rent storage, the expense is minimal compared to the cost of storage building insurance.


With storage rental, electricity, air conditioning, etc. is included in the quoted storage rates. When you own a storage building, the cost of utilities can be quite expensive in comparison.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers reliable, convenient climate controlled storage units in Hanahan, Summerville and Daniel Island. We offer extra-long spaces for vehicle storage and RV storage at our Hanahan and Summerville locations. Our competitive storage rates coupled with our excellent customer service make us the Lowcountry’s choice for both residential and commercial climate controlled storage units and vehicle storage / RV storage spaces.  Give us a call to learn more today!



climate controlled storage units

How Climate Controlled Storage Can Help You Achieve Your Downsizing Goals

climate controlled storage units

One fear that holds people back from downsizing is the fact that they have accumulated so many items over the years and don’t know how/where to store them in a downsized home.  Photo albums, CD collections, kids baseball uniforms, school awards, trophies, etc. are among the items that you don’t access on a regular basis, but still want to keep.

If you are considering downsizing, climate controlled storage units provide an excellent avenue to help you achieve your downsizing goals without having to sacrifice or get rid of items you don’t have room to store.  Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons people choose to rent storage when downsizing:

Gives You an Opportunity to Assess

One fear some have about downsizing is that they will be forced to make quick decisions about what to get rid of and/or throw away.  Storage rental gives you some breathing room and time to assess your belongings so you are not forced to make any rash decisions.

Offers an Opportunity for Family/Friends

Perhaps you have been saving that antique couch for your daughter or maybe your son has had an eye on your baseball card collection.  Climate controlled storage allows you to hold on to these items for them without having to find a place to store them in your home.  When you downsize, storage rental gives you breathing room to keep items you wish to keep until they reach their permanent new home.

Keep What You Really Want Without Cluttering Your Home

Climate controlled storage rental gives you an opportunity to hold on to memories and items without having to over stuff your closets and/or find storage space in your home.

If you are downsizing and looking for a climate controlled storage building, look no further.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage has secure storage units in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  We have three convenient Lowcountry locations to serve you: Summerville, Hanahan and Daniel Island.  We also have excellent storage rates on vehicle storage, including RV storage, at our Summerville and Hanahan locations. Give us a call or stop by to learn more today!

climate controlled storage units

Why Should I Consider Climate Controlled Storage?

climate controlled storage units

Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers residential and commercial climate controlled storage units with three Lowcountry locations including Summerville, Daniel Island and Hanahan.  Whether you need to rent storage for a month or indefinitely, our secure climate controlled storage rental and vehicle storage options can accommodate your needs.  Best of all, we have competitive storage rates and have served thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

We are often asked about why someone should consider climate controlled storage over conventional storage units. While storage rental in a conventional, outdoor storage building is often less expensive, it does come with significant downfalls.  Climate controlled storage is recommended for individuals who wish to better safeguard and protect their belongings.

Humidity and the elements wreak havoc on contents stored in conventional outdoor storage units.  People who do not choose storage rental at a climate controlled storage facility are often faced with damages and/or loss due to humidity and the elements, especially in states such as South Carolina where heat and humidity are the norm.

What types of items should always be placed in climate controlled storage?  The answer is anything that is of value and could be damaged if subject to heat and/or humidity.  Some items include photos/photo albums, antiques, electronics, documents, books/yearbooks, collectibles, candles, wine/beer/soda collections and computers, just to name a few!

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is the Lowcountry’s choice for climate controlled storage units and vehicle storage, including RV storage.  If you are considering storage rental options, we invite you to stop by and see our clean and secure climate controlled storage units and the various options to consider. Give us a call today!

RV storage / vehicle storage

Advantages of Vehicle Storage at a Secured Facility

RV storage / vehicle storage

We are continuing our series on the advantages of vehicle storage at a secured facility.  If you need to rent storage for a car, truck, trailer, RV, boat, jet ski or some other type of powered vehicle, Climate Masters has you covered.  Our previous article discussed how vehicle storage at a secured facility can help avoid HOA issues, save space on your property and offer added security.  Below are three more reasons to consider vehicle storage at Climate Masters.


The RV storage / vehicle storage options at Climate Masters are extremely convenient and easy to navigate.  The extra-long spaces make it easy to back in a boat, RV or trailer. When your boat, trailer or RV storage is at your home, space can sometimes make these items difficult to access and/or navigate, especially if other vehicles or stored items are blocking them.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Large vehicles can wreak havoc on roads and driveways.  RV storage is often the preferred choice for people who want to avoid the costly problems associated with the wear and tear larger vehicles can cause.  A motorhome can weigh upwards of 30,000 pounds.  When you rent vehicle storage, the facility takes on the wear and tear.

Overall Safety

Many people choose vehicle storage in a secured space to avoid safety issues on their property. Let’s face it, boats, trailers and RVs sitting on your property are magnets for neighborhood children who may want to climb around and “explore”.

Whether you need RV storage, auto storage or some other type of vehicle storage we can help.  Our convenient facilities in Hanahan and Summerville have spaces to accommodate all types of vehicles, from car storage to RV storage and even monster trucks! Give us a call or stop by for a tour today.

auto storage, RV storage

Why Should I Consider Vehicle Storage at a Secured Facility?

auto storage, RV storage

Depending on where you live, auto storage, RV storage and boat storage may be a challenge.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage is proud to offer vehicle storage at our Summerville and Hanahan locations. Let’s take a look at some of the primary reasons why people rent storage for various types of vehicles:

Avoid HOA Issues

Many homeowners associations limit the number and/or types of vehicles you can store on your property.  We serve many customers whose homeowners association does not allow or provide for boat or RV storage.  Additionally, many homeowners associations frown upon storing too many vehicles on the property. That classic car you’ve been restoring may not fit in your driveway, but we have plenty of auto storage / car storage to accommodate your needs!

Saves Space

Renting vehicle storage for your RV, boat or cars that you do not use on a regular basis can save you a significant amount of space.  Even when an HOA does not have rules about vehicles, many people prefer to rent storage vs. having an RV, boat or extra vehicle take up space in their garage, driveway or yard.

Added Security

Our vehicle storage areas are behind a locked gate at Summerville and our entire property has security cameras.

Our vehicle storage options are ideal for both residential and commercial use.  We have many clients who find our RV storage and auto storage/ car storage options advantageous for personal use.  We also have many commercial clients who prefer to rent storage for their trucks, trailers and other related business items.  Whatever your vehicle storage needs are, we can help.  Give us a call to learn more today!

air controlled storage space

Should I Use Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Storage Bins?

air controlled storage space

We are continuing our series on the differences between carboard and plastic storage bins. Our previous article discussed some of the benefits of cardboard storage boxes.  This article will cover using plastic bins for moving and/or public storage.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of using plastic storage bins:


Plastic bins are often quite durable and less prone to damage than cardboard boxes. If something falls on them or bumps against them as they are being transported, they will better protect the contents inside.

Easily Stackable

Plastic storage bins are easy to stack, which can be very beneficial in a storage rental space. Using clear plastic bins will make it easier to see the contents, which is especially helpful when unpacking after a move or when trying to locate an item in your air controlled storage space.

Water Resistant

If the container comes into contact with a liquid, the contents are better protected in a plastic storage bin.  Cardboard soaks in liquid and can expose the contents to spills and moisture.

Able to Be Used Multiple Times

Although plastic storage bins are more expensive, they are able to be used over and over again, which makes them extremely popular for use when moving or placing items in public storage.

As you can see, both cardboard and plastic have their places in the moving and public storage arenas.  Our summary of the benefits of each are designed to help you determine which option you should use during your next move and/or when renting an air controlled storage space.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers affordable storage rates on air controlled storage space. We are a preferred public storage provider with locations in Summerville, Daniel Island and Hanahan. In addition to air controlled storage space, we also have auto storage rental available at our Summerville and Hanahan locations. Don’t trust just anyone with your storage rental needs. Give us a call or stop by to see our climate controlled storage and auto storage space today!

air controlled storage space

Cardboard or Plastic? Which Type of Storage Container Should I Use?

air controlled storage space

Whether you are moving contents into public storage or into a new home or office space, it’s important to decide which type of moving/storage bin to use.  Many people use a combination of both plastic and cardboard when storing contents in an air controlled storage space.  It all depends on the type of contents being moved or stored. Your most precious cargo should always be moved/stored in the most durable bins possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using cardboard boxes:


The price of cardboard boxes is much cheaper than plastic bins.  Some people find this attractive, especially if they are planning to use the boxes for just one move. If you plan to place the boxes in an air controlled storage space, be sure to purchase ones that are sturdy and can be easily taped closed.  Avoid grocery store boxes or ones that you get for “free”. Climate Masters Indoor Storage does have various sizes of sturdy cardboard boxes available for purchase.

Easy to Break Down

Cardboard boxes can be easily broken down after use. Some people choose to store them flat in an attic or keep them in their storage rental space for use later.


Cardboard boxes can be recycled vs. thrown away.  This means they do not add to the carbon footprint if you choose to recycle them after you no longer need them.

Be sure to check out our next article which will discuss the benefits of plastic storage bins.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers affordable cardboard boxes, moving and packing supplies, furniture covers and more to assist with your moving and public storage needs.  Our storage rates for air controlled storage and auto storage are reasonable and competitive. Air controlled storage rental is available at our Summerville, Hanahan, and Daniel Island locations.  Both the Summerville and Hanahan locations have auto storage space available as well.  Give us a call or stop by for a tour of our climate controlled storage and/or auto storage rental solutions today!