Collectibles and Indoor Storage Space

Indoor Storage Space

Part Two

We are continuing our series on collectibles that people rent storage space for in an effort to preserved their integrity and protect their value.  Our previous article covered books, original packaging, and audio and visual media such as videotapes, cassettes and CD’s.  Today we will discuss three more types of collectibles that should be kept in a climate-controlled storage space.


Limited edition and/or popular toys can significantly increase in value over the years. And, they are also great to hang on to for the grandkids. Before you throw away those model cars, dolls and other antique toys, consider placing them in climate-controlled storage and preserving them for years to come.

Baseball Cards, Stamps

These collectibles are becoming more obsolete (and valuable) in the digital age.  Heat and humidity can destroy baseball cards and stamp collections so if you do not have room to store them at home, the you may wish to rent storage to preserve these precious items.


Memorabilia, including items from sporting events and concerts, can be worth a mint over time. Keeping them in climate-controlled storage will prevent them from being damaged by extreme heat and moisture, thus preserving their value.

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