Benefits of Storage Rental at Climate Masters!

Storage Rental

When searching for a clean and secure climate controlled storage building, it’s important to also consider value added benefits.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers our residential and commercial customers a plethora of reasons to do business with us.  We are continuing our series outlining the advantages of choosing Climate Masters for your storage rental.

No Other Fees, Optional Insurance

Our previous article touched on the fact that storage rates on climate controlled storage units and vehicle storage / RV storage / auto storage are locked in for one full year.  In addition, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.  We do offer optional storage rental insurance which you can either accept or decline when you sign your agreement.

24/7 Access

Having 24/7 access to your storage building and/or vehicle storage / RV storage / auto storage area is a necessary convenience for many.  There is nothing worse than needing to return your RV or boat after a long trip only to find out that your access is cut off at a certain time.

24/7 Restrooms

We understand moving and other activities that involve use of your climate controlled storage building and/or vehicle storage do not necessarily occur during the hours of nine to five.  If you need access late at night, no worries.  We’ll keep the restrooms open for you!

24/7 Cart and Hand Truck Use

We have you covered if you need a cart or hand truck to help you move your belongings in or out of our climate controlled storage building.

Forklift Service Available

We have a forklift and licensed operator ready to serve you!  This is a feature many of our commercial clients take advantage of and appreciate.

Business Friendly

We are extremely business friendly.  In addition to climate controlled storage units, vehicle storage and forklift service, we also receive daily shipments from all major carriers including the USPS, Fed Ex and UPS. And, our loading docks accommodate up to a 53-foot truck or trailer.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is the Lowcountry’s preferred choice when it comes to climate controlled storage units and vehicle storage options.  We have locations in Summerville, Hanahan, and Daniel Island.  Exploring your options? We invite you to stop by for a visit today!