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Tips for Storing Furniture

rent storage

We have many customers who rent storage for furniture.  Whether you have antique pieces or need an indoor storage space during an interim move, there is a proper way to prepare your furniture for climate controlled storage.  Let’s take a closer look:


First, be sure to thoroughly clean each piece of furniture you plan to place in indoor storage.  There should be no dust, debris, dirt or anything else on the surface.  Clean all wood with a recommended wood cleaner.  Be sure to polish any metal and wipe down all glass.  And, don’t forget to give fabric, cushions, and decorative pillows a little TLC as well.


Next, disassemble the furniture to make it easier to move and store.  Examples of furniture that people often take apart in preparation for climate controlled storage include bookcases, desks, tables, hutches and more.  Be sure to place any hardware (i.e. bolts, screws, etc.) in labeled plastic bags.  These can be stored with the furniture in your indoor storage space so they can be readily available when you need them. 


Wrapping your furniture provides an extra layer of protection, especially when transporting. Some people shrink wrap their furniture before placing it in climate controlled storage.  Others simply securely cover it with sheets or blankets.  Glass tabletops and other items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and securely placed in a box for extra protection.

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