Storage Space Spring Cleaning

Storage Space Spring Cleaning

Storage Space Spring Cleaning

(part two)

We are continuing our series on spring cleaning your climate controlled storage space. Our previous article covered getting rid of items you no longer need and the importance of rotating and shifting items in your storage space.  Today, we will cover two more tips to consider when spring cleaning your indoor storage unit.

Update Your Inventory List

Since you will likely be purging some items and possibly bringing additional items to your storage space, it would be a good idea to review and update your inventory list.  Your inventory list should include all contents you are keeping in your indoor storage space as well as their location. This not only keeps you organized but helps ensure you can easily access something should you need it.

Assess Your Current Needs

You should assess your storage needs at least once a year. Should you downsize your storage space?  Do you need a larger indoor storage space?  Should you move a car, boat or motorhome that is sitting in your driveway to vehicle storage /RV storage? Now is the perfect time to review your storage space needs and adjust accordingly.

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