Getting Your RV Ready for Storage

Getting Your RV Ready for Storage

Motorhomes have become a popular form of recreation over the past several years.  However, most homeowners associations do not allow RV storage and/or do not have a designated vehicle storage area for boats, RVs and other equipment.  If you find yourself having a difficult time locating a safe place for your motorhome, keep in mind that Climate Masters Indoor Storage has large, spacious vehicle storage/RV storage/auto storage at our Hanahan and Summerville locations.  If you plan to place your motorhome in RV storage, there are some preparation items to consider. Our next series of articles will cover tips on getting your RV ready for storage.

Prepare the Inside

Before placing your motorhome in a vehicle storage space, you should thoroughly clean the inside.  Be sure the refrigerator and freezer are empty and leave the doors open to avoid musty odors.  Check all drawers and cabinets.  Leave cabinet doors open.  Vacuum and/or sweep all floors.  Clean bathrooms and the kitchen.  Change linens. Close all blinds. Performing these tasks not only helps keep your RV in tip top shape, but ensures it is ready for your next trip.

Top Off Your Gas Tank

If you plan to move your motorhome to RV storage and have it sit for long periods of time, be sure to top off your gas tank to prevent condensation from forming in your fuel lines.

Check for Leaks and Cover Holes

Before leaving your unit in RV storage, do a quick check to make sure there are no leaks in the roof. Vents and exhaust pipes can be covered to prevent bugs and small animals from nesting.

Our next article will cover three more RV storage tips to consider.

If you need to rent storage, look no further. Climate Masters Indoor Storage has clean, reliable and affordable climate controlled storage facilities in Hanahan, Daniel Island, and Summerville.  Our Summerville and Hanahan locations also have vehicle storage/auto storage/RV storage space.  Give us a call or stop by for a tour today!