Prepping and Protecting Your Auto and/or RV for Vehicle Storage

Prepping and Protecting Your Auto and/or RV for Vehicle Storage

We are continuing our series of articles on vehicle storage/RV storage/auto storage. Our previous article covered some of the benefits of utilizing vehicle storage for your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, boat, work truck, trailer, monster truck, etc. Today, we will explore some ways to prep and protect your vehicles being housed at a storage space.


Inspect your vehicle for any issues or damage and address these issues before you rent storage for your vehicle. Doing this can help avoid further complications down the road. Be sure to check all fluids, tire pressure, brakes, and battery life. If you don’t plan to move your vehicle for a while, consider topping off the fuel tank and adding fuel stabilizers to prevent condensation buildup inside the tank.

Clean and Protect Your Vehicle

Consider cleaning your vehicle prior to placing it in the storage space. You can take further measures to protect your car from damage while stored away by covering it with a breathable cover like cotton flannel or canvas sheeting material to help keep dust particles out and protect against potential scratches. If you don’t plan to move your vehicle within a few weeks, consider purchasing tire covers to protect them from sitting in the sun.

Our next article will cover more tips for vehicle storage/RV storage/auto storage.

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