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Pitfalls to Avoid When Packing Boxes for Indoor Storage

Indoor Storage

Part One

We’ve been in the climate controlled storage business for a long time and have witnessed first-hand some of the pitfalls to avoid when packing boxes to be placed in an indoor storage space. Our next series of articles are designed to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls when packing boxes for indoor storage.  Let’s take a look:

Using Substandard Packing Materials

A common mistake many people make when packing boxes for indoor storage is using substandard packing material.  Boxes that are not sturdy or odd shaped tend to not stack well and can easily be crunched, which compromises the integrity of their contents.  Be sure to use quality, sturdy packing materials to keep your items protected.  Climate Masters Indoor Storage carries a full line of reliable, heavy duty packing materials that you can purchase at any one of our three locations.

Not Following Proper Packing Etiquette

It is important to make sure your boxes are packed to the top and with the heaviest items on the bottom.  Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap.  If there is extra space in the box, then be sure to fill it up with packing paper or peanuts.  Boxes that are partially empty can easily cave in, destroying their contents. Be sure to properly seal the bottom and top of your boxes with several layers of quality tape. 

Our next article will cover two more pitfalls to avoid when packing items to place in a climate controlled storage space.

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