Organizing Your Personal Property for an Interim Move

Organizing Your Personal Property for an Interim Move

Door-to-door moves are ideal, but despite best efforts, they are often the exception rather than the rule.  Time between the sale of an old home and purchase of a new home can result in having to make an interim move.  Some people stay in a hotel.  Others may crash with family.  And, there are also those who will rent a place until they close on their new home. An interim move often means also renting public storage space to store your furniture and personal belongings.

Many people opt to rent a temperature controlled storage unit to ensure their furniture and possessions are kept free from extreme temperatures, mold and bugs.  Storage rates for temperature controlled storage units are a little higher than outdoor storage space, but well worth the investment.  Strategically packing and organizing your storage unit can save you significant time when moving.  You will likely need to access some of your items in the storage unit, so knowing where everything is will be key to your comfort and happiness.

Shrink Wrap Furniture and Mirrors

Shrink wrapping your furniture and mirrors helps keep them protected and preserved. If damage is going to occur, it is most likely going to happen during transit.  Shrink wrapping furniture and mirrors is especially important since you will be moving them from your old home to a temperature controlled storage unit and then to your new home.

Consider Plastic Containers for Valuables

Plastic containers are sturdy, stackable and tend to be easier to handle than bulky cardboard storage boxes. They are also sealable, which is ideal for valuables and other items you want to ensure are secure and protected. Plastic containers stack nicely in a temperature controlled storage unit.

Label Containers/Boxes and Create a Master Inventory List

Clearly labeling the boxes and containers in your storage space will be a life saver when you are looking for specific items.  You should place the boxes you know you will need to access in the front of your storage unit so they are readily available.  Creating a master list of your storage unit inventory will also be a timesaver when it comes to locating items.

When you make an interim move, you may not have space to park extra vehicles, boats and trailers.  If that is the case, don’t fret.  We have plenty of auto storage / vehicle storage at our Summerville and Hanahan locations.

Don’t let the stress of an interim move steal the joy out of buying a new home. If you are facing an interim move, we have temperature controlled storage units in Hanahan, Summerville and Daniel Island.  We can help you determine the proper size temperature controlled storage unit you will need to safely and comfortably store your belongings.  Give us a call or stop by to see us today!