I’m Planning to Move. Should I Rent Storage?

I’m Planning to Move. Should I Rent Storage?

We are continuing our series of articles discussing reasons why you may want to rent storage as you plan your next move.  Our previous article discussed that if you need to make an interim move, then renting a climate controlled storage space may be necessary. We also covered how indoor storage can be beneficial if you plan to downsize as it will provide an area to store belongings that you are not ready to get rid of or are holding on to so you can pass them down to children, grandchildren, etc. Today, we will look at two more reasons you may want to rent storage.


Clutter can drive one crazy!  You are better able to declutter when you rent storage for some of your belongings.  The less you have, the more bright and open your home will feel. This is especially important if you plan to stage your home to attract buyers.

Ability to Better Organize

When you rent storage for some of your belongings, it gives you space to breathe and better organize the rooms in your home.  You may even find it easier to get rid of some of the items you really do not need or use anymore.

Our next article will cover more reasons to rent storage as part of the planning for your next move.

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