Humidity and Heat Affect These Items

Humidity and Heat Affect These Items

Humidity and Heat Affect These Items

(part two)

There are certain items that should only be stored in climate controlled storage facilities.  We are continuing our series on items that are adversely affected by heat and humidity.  Our last article discussed paper, audio tapes, video tapes and electronics. This article covers three more categories of items that should not be kept in a storage space that is exposed to heat and humidity.

Some Metals

While most metals aren’t going to melt in the heat, humidity can wreak havoc and cause some types of metals to rust and/or turn color.  Jewelry, metal artwork and items with metal accents should be kept in a climate controlled storage space.


Wood is extremely susceptible to mildew when stored in a storage space with high humidity levels.  Wood can also expand, crack and warp as a result of heat and humidity, which is why it should always be kept in climate controlled storage.

Artwork and Collections

The heat and humidity of the Lowcountry can be quite damaging to various types of artwork and collections.  Indoor storage is recommended for these items as moisture and humidity can damage paintings, stamp collections, card collections, magazines, etc.  Some types of sculptures may even warp as temperatures fluctuate.

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