Climate Controlled Storage Space

Utilizing Climate Controlled Storage Space During a Home Renovation

If you are considering home renovations either now or in the future, this series of articles is for you. Whether you plan to do the renovations yourself or hire a contractor, the process can cause quite a mess. Often times furniture, electronics, and other items need to be moved somewhere where they will be out of the way and free from dust and debris. Where to move them can present a challenge, which is why some people choose to rent storage during their home renovations. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to consider should you choose to rent storage.

Decide What Items You Need to Move

The first step is to decide what items you need to remove from your home during the renovation. Some items may be able to be temporarily placed in other areas of your home, but others may need to be moved to a climate controlled storage space until the renovation is complete. What gets moved will depend on the type of renovations you are having done and how much space you have in other areas of your home. Once you make a list of what needs to be removed from your home you will have a better idea of the job ahead of you.

Now is a Great Time to Purge

If you have furniture, electronics, or other items that you no longer need or use, now is the perfect time to get rid of them. It’s not worth paying to store items in storage facilities if you plan to get rid of them later. Once you decide what you want to keep and place in a climate controlled storage space, you can then donate, sell, or throw away the items you no longer want.

Our next article will cover more helpful tips to consider when renting a climate controlled storage space during your home renovation.

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