Businesses Are Jumping On the Climate Controlled Storage

Why Businesses Are Jumping On the Climate Controlled Storage Space Bandwagon

We are continuing our conversation about the various ways climate controlled storage facilities benefit businesses. Our previous articles discussed how online retailers rent space at indoor storage facilities to help them meet the constantly changing demand in inventory. We also covered how indoor storage space is ideal for perishable items. Today, we will look at another reason businesses are choosing to rent storage at climate controlled storage facilities.

Preserving Documents and Vital Records

Our next scenario is of a company drowning in an ocean of paper-based documentation. Does this situation sound familiar? Is your business struggling to keep vital records safe, secure, and, most importantly, undamaged? A climate controlled storage space is maintained at an optimal temperature and humidity level, which helps prevent the deterioration of important documents and avoids sanctions, penalties, and operational disruptions. An indoor storage space can allow you to forget about your document / vital records storage woes and concentrate on delivering exceptional services to your customers.

Our next article will cover how climate controlled storage facilities can help safeguard sensitive equipment and electronics.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage is a preferred climate controlled storage space for businesses throughout the Lowcountry. Our storage rates are affordable, and we offer numerous value-added benefits to businesses such as receiving capabilities, forklift service, truck high bays, wide halls, security, fire suppression systems and more. Our Hanahan and Summerville locations also offer RV storage/auto storage/vehicle storage options as well. If you are looking to rent storage, we invite you to call or come by for a tour of our Hanahan, Daniel Island, and/or Summerville indoor storage facilities today!