What Items Can I Keep in My Storage Space?

What Items Can I Keep in My Storage Space?

When potential customers are trying to decide whether or not to rent storage at an indoor or outdoor facility, there are many factors to consider.  While storage rates are higher for a climate controlled storage space, it is designed to keep your items protected from extreme temperature and humidity. There are many items that are ideal for an indoor storage space.  Our next series of articles will cover some of the most common.


Furniture is a common item found in indoor storage facilities. Not only is it protected from extreme heat and cold, but climate controlled storage also prevents humidity from causing moisture and/or damage.  Examples of furniture you may wish to place in an indoor storage space include couches, lamps, tables, bedroom sets, television stands, mirrors, dressers, baby cribs, desks, chairs and more.


Electronics should never be stored in an outdoor storage space. Many people rent climate controlled storage to ensure their electronics are protected and safe.  Some commonly stored electronics include computers, televisions, sound systems, game consoles and printers.


Clothing should be stored in climate controlled storage facilities to keep them protected from damage that can be caused by extreme temperatures and humidity.  People place all types of clothing in their indoor storage space, from everyday street clothes to wedding gowns.

Our next article will cover more items that are ideal to keep in an indoor storage space.

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