Storage Space

These Items Should Not Be Stored In A Public Storage Space

Storage Space

We are continuing our series discussing some of the types of items that should not be stored in public storage facilities. Our previous article covered hazardous chemicals (i.e. paint thinner, chlorine, bleach, acid, fertilizer, turpentine, etc.), flammable materials (i.e. fireworks, acetone, propane, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) and guns, weapons and ammunition.  Today, we will look at more categories of items you should not place in your climate controlled storage space.

Anything Living

It’s obvious that any person living in a climate controlled storage space is prohibited. Keeping live animals, even those in aquariums, is also not allowed. Storing plants and flowers is also not permitted because they can bring in pests, fungus, and other problems that can spread to nearby units.


Tires, both used and new, should not be stored in a public climate controlled storage space. They are flammable and present a fire hazard.  Also, if the person that rented the unit abandons the storage space, the storage facility would be faced with significant disposal fees.


It is not advisable to store large amounts of cash in your indoor storage space. A safety deposit box actually provides more protection for cash. While a climate controlled storage space is safe, there is always a chance that something unforeseen could happen such as a fire or flood that could compromise or destroy the cash you have stored.

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