Tips on Selecting a Public Storage Provider

Public Storage

Part One

We understand the challenges consumers face when trying to select a reliable and reputable public storage provider. Climate Masters Indoor Storage is a trusted provider of temperature controlled storage units and auto storage/vehicle storage for both residential and commercial clients in Summerville, Daniel Island and Hanahan. Let’s take a look at some aspects to consider when choosing storage space.


You want to make sure your storage unit and vehicle storage/auto storage is secured.  Our temperature controlled storage units in Daniel Island, Summerville and Hanahan are housed in buildings with high tech security.  Our Summerville and Hanahan locations also offer fenced auto storage and vehicle storage space with security cameras.

Climate Control

Do the public storage providers you are considering only offer outdoor storage space? Temperature controlled storage units provide protection from heat and cold.  Sealed and insulated buildings also help with mold prevention and keep dust, debris and bugs at a minimum.  It’s best to store valuables and other sensitive items in a temperature controlled storage unit.

Storage Rates

Storage rates are a consideration when selecting a temperature controlled storage unit and/or vehicle storage/auto storage space.  Remember, the lowest price is not always the best.  It is important to look at the entire package.  What size storage space am I getting for my money?  Do I have 24/7 access?  What other amenities and options are available?

Our next article will cover three more aspects to consider when choosing a public storage provider. Whether you are looking for a temporary storage space or need a long term storage unit, we can help.  Stop by any of our locations for a complimentary tour of our facilities and amenities.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!