Rent Storage

Reasons to Rent Storage

Rent Storage

We are continuing our series on different reasons why people rent storage.  Our previous article discussed how renting an indoor storage space can help reduce clutter in your home.  We also covered how climate-controlled storage facilities offer the perfect option for people who are downsizing or RVing full time.  Today, we will look at three more reasons to rent storage space.


If you own a collection of any kind, you may find that it is outgrowing its place in your home.  When this happens, it’s time to consider renting an indoor storage space.  Climate-controlled storage is ideal for all types of collections, photos, artwork, memorabilia, and more.

Store Seasonal Items

While it’s fun to decorate for different holidays, it’s usually not so fun finding a place in your home to store the decorations. If this is the case for you, an indoor storage space is an ideal solution.


If you have children away at college, you will find that dorms are usually small and are not set up for a lot of “extras”.  If this is the case, you may need to rent storage to keep their personal items.

Climate Masters Indoor Storage has secure climate-controlled storage facilities in Summerville, Daniel Island, and Hanahan.  We also have vehicle storage/auto storage/RV storage space in Summerville and Hanahan. Our storage rates are competitive, and our customer service cannot be beat.  If you are researching storage facilities, look no further.  We encourage you to stop by one of our convenient Lowcountry locations today!