How Climate Controlled Storage Facilities Enhance Your Business

How Climate Controlled Storage Facilities Enhance Your Business

Thinking outside of the box is a hallmark of a successful business owner. How about this out of the box concept. Did you know you can optimize your business’s performance, save money, and safeguard your valuable assets by utilizing climate controlled storage facilities? Our next series of articles will discuss how climate controlled storage space can benefit your business.

Protecting Valuable Inventory

As a business owner, you know the value of your inventory. Extreme temperature and humidity can cause significant damage to your goods, especially here in the Lowcountry. That’s where climate controlled storage facilities can help. You can rent storage at reputable climate controlled storage facilities such as Climate Masters Indoor Storage. We maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels to protect your inventory.

Here’s an example of how indoor storage space can come into play. The owner of a boutique clothing store has inventory that consists delicate fabrics that can easily be damaged by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Without proper storage, this expensive inventory would be subject to mold, mildew, or fading. Indoor storage facilities provide a controlled environment, protecting the inventory heat and humidity while preserving its value.

Our next article will discuss another way climate controlled storage space can benefit your business. Climate Masters Indoor Storage offers affordable storage rates for any business wishing to rent storage. Our clean, secure climate controlled storage facilities are located in Daniel Island, Hanahan, and Summerville. Our Hanahan and Summerville locations also have extra-large vehicle storage/auto storage/RV storage for your company vehicles. We also offer bay truck high dock with level plates, ground level docks, receiving capabilities from all major transit / delivery services, forklift and pallet jack service, high ceilings for stacking, wide halls, carts, hand trucks, moving supplies and more. Give us a call or stop by to tour our indoor storage facilities today!